1946 Born in ‘the Blacksmith Street’ (now Cheng De Road) in Taipei
1969 Passed bar exam
1971 Awarded Bachelor of Law, National Taiwan University
1972-1976 Postgraduate study in Kyoto University, Japan
1979 Became a human rights lawyer after the Kaohsiung/Formosa incident
1981-1988 Taipei City Councillor
1986 ・The DPP was founded on 28thSeptember 1986. Hsieh was one of the         founding members, gave the party its name and drafted the party                 constitution.
・Put forward the New Culture Theory for Taiwan
1987 Put forward the concept of Taiwan as a ‘Community of Common Destiny’, the predecessor of mutualism.
1989 – 1995 ・Legislator
・Proposed ‘the Four Priorities: Taiwan, the culture, the vulnerable and the     environment’
1996 Being the running mate of Prof. Peng, Ming-min, the DPP presidential candidate, in the first presidential election of Taiwan
1998-2005 Kaohsiung mayor
  • DPP party leader.Under his leadership, the party became the majority and gained the largest number of parliamentary seats in history. The influence of ‘pan-green’ coalition reached its peak.
2005 ・Premier
・Proposed ‘Reconciliation and Mutualism’
2006 Running for Taipei City Mayor
2007 ・The DPP presidential candidate for the 2008 presidential election
・Proposed ‘Taiwan Restoration’ during the primary
2008 Became the DPP leader the second time
2011 Proposed ‘Two Sides, Two Constitutions’
Visited China as the highest ranking DPP figure in history
2013 ・Taiwan Reform Foundation, chaired by Hsieh, held the conference on ‘The Development and Transformation in Cross-Strait Relations’ in Hong Kong.
・Chaired the DPP China Affairs Committee meeting that led to the conclusion of using ‘constitutional consensus’ as the basis for cross-strait policy.
2014 Advocated for collaboration with the independent mayoral candidate, Ko Wen-je, which ultimately ended the KMT’s long reign in Taipei City
2015 Advisor to Taipei City Government